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Principal Liquidity Group managing opportunities

Liquidity, Risk Transfer, and Cash flow solutions

Liquidity is King


Investor appetite is at an unprecedented high for secure, high yield investment opportunities. The Principal Liquidity Group is at the forefront of innovation in identifying opportunities for generating liquidity events. Using standard capital markets instruments, the Principal Liquidity Group works with both high cash flow businesses to release value and transfer risk and also with investor groups sourcing opportunities to create high yield investment products. Our partners include some of the best names in the market for tax, legal, and operational excellentce. Syndication and origination are not the preserve of big banks. The exciting opportunities for real asset investors to achieve yield with security have never been better. The Principal Liquidity Group sets a new standard in the market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a family office, corporate adviser, high net worth financial adviser, or niche investment manager. to explore ways in which we can deliver outstanding value to your clients (target clients may include pension funds, family offices, shari'ah, HNWI).

Opportunities for UHNWI and small institutions


Banks played a role in providing liquidity to the market. This has changed. This is the opportunity


It is hardly worth summarising how the world has changed in the last 10 years. Real assets generate positive cash flow. Real assets have tangible and realisable value. Financial institutions have dominated this space making millions for the structuring teams. Why should they have all the good investments opporutnities and leave expensive mutual funds to everyone else? Read more...

Liquidity and risk transfer create opportunities


Pricing in the market is very exciting for those looking to transfer risk into the capital markets in exchange for cash. Grow your business now. Investors can price risk.


Investors can make calculated decisions about the cost of risk. Capital market forces set prices and the demand is there for quality real assets. With a focus on yield, the team at the Principal Liquidity Group can deliver investable solutions which meet the demands of investors and real asset owners. If the banks do not want to create liquidity for the market, others will.



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